Last week our Director of Strategy, Dan Keelan, had the pleasure of flying out to Chicago to represent Rave Logic at a client’s quarterly meeting.

Execution Maximizer™ (EM) became a Rave Logic client about a year ago when the company changed ownership. We began with a strategy engagement that not only created a strong marketing plan, but also helped to inform the design of the updated branding and new website layout and content. Since EM’s re-branding launch at the start of 2017, Rave Logic has provided ongoing marketing, training and onboarding support, website and social media maintenance, and continued strategy and business development.

Rave Logic has become an integral part of the EM business, serving as the company’s dedicated marketing team in lieu of a traditional in-house team (see the 4 biggest factors in deciding whether hiring an outside marketing agency is right for your business). At last week’s meeting, Dan shared with the group updates on website metrics, marketing campaigns, and additional content such as new resources, training and certification materials, etc.

While not all of our client engagements are as comprehensive, they are all managed with a similar intent: to create great brands and nurture them over time.

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Lauren Cook


Lauren is a partner at Rave Logic, a web design and marketing agency that outfits brands in style and helps connect businesses to their target audiences. When not building websites or designing marketing campaigns, Lauren can be found practicing yoga or hiking with her dog.

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