Pumpkin Spice Lattes are beginning to pop up everywhere. Students are filing into classrooms. Leaves are starting to turn and fall. Today, September 22, marks the first official day of Autumn.

With summer over, now is the time to focus on your business. Whether you’re looking to get that final push in sales before the end of the year, or you’re planning ahead for 2018, fall is the perfect season to pick up your marketing game.

Everyone is getting back into work mode. During the summer, it can be hard to connect with existing and prospective customers alike. There’s always someone out of the office, vacationing or even taking an afternoon off. And, let’s be honest, those who are physically at work during the summer are often mentally elsewhere. But now that fall is here, your clients and potential clients are much more business focused, which means they are more receptive to hearing your message.

Take advantage of their attention while you have it and reconnect with your existing network. Reach out to contacts who may not have connected with you or your brand recently. Remind your network of your offerings – perhaps you’ve made some changes (new prices, location, services, etc.) or have a new deal you’d like to share with your connections. Let your contacts know why now is the time to reengage!

Discover new contacts. Just as your existing network might need a gentle nudge to reconnect, new prospects also need to know why your brand is worth noticing. Grow your network by exploring new ways to reach your intended audience, or even consider expanding the limits of your market audience.

Strengthen your database so you are ready to market to both old and new connections beyond Autumn. Holiday season is just around the corner (goodbye pumpkin everything, hello peppermint everything!) You’ll want a good list of contacts to continue to nurture and even sell to during this time of high consumerism. Even if your business is more inclined to take it easy over the holidays, you’ll want your database strong and ready to kick off the new year.

Don’t wait any longer: now is the perfect time to step up your marketing! Get the conversation started and connect with your audience. Not sure where or how to start? Send us a message to see how we can help.

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Lauren Cook


Lauren is a partner at Rave Logic, a web design and marketing agency that outfits brands in style and helps connect businesses to their target audiences. When not building websites or designing marketing campaigns, Lauren can be found practicing yoga or hiking with her dog.

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