Small to mid-sized companies often lack the resources for a dedicated marketing team. Leaders of these businesses might be tempted take on their own marketing, or pawn it off on an existing employee. Can working with an outside marketing agency give you the experience and dedication you need while remaining within your budget? Let’s review 4 of the biggest factors in your decision: learning curve, professionalism, cost benefit, and time commitment.


  1. Steep Learning Curve

Internet Marketing is a dynamic and constantly evolving challenge. With many facets such as social media management, inbound marketing, email campaigns, and more, getting started can be intimidating. Hiring an expert gives you a head start and avoids the pain of the steep learning curve.


  1. Professionalism, Strategy

That intern might have it covered, but maybe not. Marketing Agencies ensure multiple levels of checks before a piece is published on a client’s behalf. By attempting marketing on your own, you run the risk of “showing the seams” and damaging the professionalism of your brand. Top marketers are also aware of current online marketing trends and best practices. Even more important is a fully realized marketing strategy. Only once a strategy is fully researched can serious marketing efforts begin.


  1. Cost Benefit, Money Well Spent

Allocate your resources wisely: An in-house marketing effort is still going to cost money. There are subscription fees, technical tools and software, and ad dollars associated with any online marketing campaign. Your money goes further with an experienced agency.


  1. Time Commitment

Your knowledge lies in what your company does, not current marketing trends and strategies. A good agency will get to know your business, keep you informed, get your approval, and provide analytics and metrics after the fact. Leave your marketing to the experts so you can spend more time running your own business.


Could a SMB owner tackle the task of comprehensive, up-to-date, professional marketing efforts? Perhaps, but if the stakes are high enough, why not choose the best solution for the problem? Hiring an outside agency guarantees a certain level of professionalism and consistency, while ensuring a better use of your time and resources. Trust your marketers and focus on your business.

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